We were looking for classic fish and chips, but instead We found and ate the best salmon I ever tasted in my life. I wanna show You another place in Bristol and this time it is restaurant The Horts. It has minimalistic decorations and You can find it near the City Centre.

I wanted to try fish, so I couldn’t overlooked the lemon glazed salmon in the menu. Price is about 12 pounds, but sometimes I can afford to spoil myself.

While waiting for a meal, I started to look around with my camera. The first thing I noticed was a wall with drawing of a map and graffiti of British artist Banksy. Especially impressive for me was vast interior with wooden tables and chairs.

We didn’t have to wait a long time for our order. It was served on a white plate, with Cezar salad. I couldn’t wait to try first bite. It was so good! I regretted eating it, as soon as it disappeared from my plate. First time in my life I ate so delicious salmon :)

The Horts pub

The Horts

Bristol restaurant