Traditional British breakfast is very rich, and above all greasy. On the plate, there are fried eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausages, beans in tomato sauce, tomatoes and toast. And You can get extra black pudding or mushrooms fried in butter. There is also a vegetarian version, with the spinach and tofu.

I ate it in The Bristolian. A tasty place where we could comfortably sit outside and ordered breakfast. I decided on traditional British meal and my boyfriend chose a veg version. A year ago no one would forced me to try black pudding. Now, without any resistance I tasted a bit. This time I looked with hesitation on beans and sausage, which turned out to be a positive surprise. The delicate taste of hot beans in a delicious tomato sauce. In contrast, sausage was dry and without taste. As for bacon, it should be more fried because I like it crunchy.

After the meal, imagine my surprise when some guy sitting next to me asked if he could finishon piece of black pudding. I even asked him to repeat because I wasn’t sure if I understood correctly. I replied that I am already sated, and if he wants he can eat this piece. Without any hesitation, he slained it on a fork and ate.

Although the meal doesn’t look good in the pictures, I encourage you to try English Breakfast :)

The Bristolian