Bath podróże

Thanks to living in England I can visit places which are impossible to see anywhere else. And Bath is one of them. Every street, which I walked, looked like removed from the movie set. Not surprisingly, the city became the backdrop for many films and books, including novels by Jane Austen. Although the author herself did not like it, people of Bath fall in love with her completely. This feeling manifest itself especially in September when Jane Austen Festival starts. The culmination of the festival is the parade of hundreds of people dressed in costumes from the Regency era.

Bath is a place where it is easy to join the crowds of people gathering around landmarks (including beautifully preserved Roman Baths). Fortunately, you can also easily get lost in the back streets. Hit the cafe with delicious cakes and coffee. Find a secluded place to enjoy the moment of solitude to contemplate the buildings or watch people going about their daily business. What’s captivated me the most is that in this beautiful scenery I did not notice tourism. I felt like a resident who went for a walk to watch works of street artists, buy a book and get cappuccino. In the next post I will show more of architecture, and in the meantime I invite you on an ordinary day in an unusual Bath.


01Cafe Lucca Bath

Cafe Lucca


Cafe Lucca fudge