Sałatka z awokado i jajkiem

I’ve come to a sad realization, that I have just one salad recipe on my blog. So I decided to focus more on this topic. I made a simple salad with eggs and avocado.  I rarely have the time to cook now, but boiling eggs aren’t so time-consuming. And what’s more important, windowsill in  my room is ideal for preparing salads and photos :)

If You are curious and want to know more about the avocados, You schould check a huge article on the Well-Being Secrets. Helen goes into details about all health benefits of avocado, and much more. It’s basically all you should know. Take some time to read it. I’m sure that it will be interesting and useful to everyone :)

Prosta sałatka z jajkiem i awokado


4 eggs
1 avocado
100 g cherry tomatoes
80 g arugula or baby spinach
4 radishes

Dressing salad
1 reaspoon mustard
1 tbs limon juice
5 tbs olive oli
1/2 tsp basil
pinch of salt



Cook hard-boiled eggs. Peel the eggs and cut into quarters. Peel the avocado and cut a smaller pieces. Mix with baby spinach. Add sliced cucumber and radishes and cherry tomatoes. Cut the eggs into quarters and add to salads.
Salad dressing – mix mustard with salt and limon juice. Add the olive oil and mix all ingrediens. Add to the salad. Mix end enjoy!

Awokado i jajko