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Earlier this week, we found another restaurant that will become one of my favorites places in Bristol. For dinner, we went to Jamie’s Italian. Behind this name lies a chain of restaurants created by Jamie Oliver and Gennaro Contaldo. Oliver probably needs no introduction. It is one of the most recognizable figures among chefs. Of course, You can’t meet him in person here, but his sense of taste and aesthetics is visible.

The restaurant consists of three floors. At the top, we can find a place with a collection of wines. Very elegant and quiet. On the floor below you can feel the industrial atmosphere of the place. Bare bricks, exposed pipes on the ceiling and perfectly matched tables, chairs, boxes and lighting. In the background a view of the bustling kitchen. All around we have Jamie Oliver. His books watch us from shelves. They can be purchased with other products such as wooden planks, olive oil or pesto. At the very bottom, there’s a room, where you can watch hanging meats and cheeses while waiting for the order.

And what we ate? My boyfriend got a light salad with smoked salmon, beetroot, horseradish and radishes. I, as a person addicted to pasta, had to try the rigatoni with sweet tomato sauce. For a dessert, I found a place for a small piece of tiramisu. Heavily saturated with coffee, bite after bite, it melted in my mouth. I definitely come back for more.

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