Deser z jogurtu nataralnego i granoli

Usually for breakfast I eat a sandwich. But I don’t like English bread too much. For me, it is very soft and sticky. Sometimes I go to the Polish store and I buy bread, however, it is not always convenient. I dream to finally bake my own. But for now it’s a wish for the future.
However, we now have a beautiful season for strawberries, so I prepared a simple breakfast: natural yogurt with strawberries and granola. Also, I added some raspberries, because they make lovely combination :)

Natural yoghurt with fruits




in 2 portions
2 small natural yogurt
50 g cereal cookies
100 g rasberries
6 large strawbierries
4 tbs granola or oat flakes







Crush cookies and add to the bottom of the glass. Add 3 tbs of yogurt and rasberries ( You can cruch them lightly with a fork) then pour granola and yogurt. At the top put sliced strawbierries and rasbierries.

Jogurtowy deser z owocami